Counteract the ‘Great Resignation’ and prepare your organisation for the future of work

The ImproveMe SkillsPlus Audit is an offering ideally suited to medium sized businesses. A SkillsPlus Audit assesses the key strengths of employees within an organisation and evaluates these against the industry specific ‘skills of the future’ required for the organisation to flourish.

The development potential of existing talent is often overlooked by businesses in favour adding new talent, which can directly impact organisational culture and an ability to execute strategic growth objectives. ImproveMe addresses this challenge through a commitment to identifying and unlocking a depth of strength within existing staff that can support the acceleration of the participating organisation in meeting emerging market challenges. 

The SkillsPlus Audit identifies where skills gaps exist and which employees are ideally suited to embrace upskilling and reskilling growth opportunities, to lead the individual and the organisation successfully into the future of work together.

How does a SkillsPlus Audit work?

We recommend colleagues are briefed on the ImproveMe SkillsPlus Audit at an all colleague meeting, prior to a written request to participate being emailed to colleagues. Participation then takes place over the course of two to three weeks (or timeframe as agreed), requiring colleagues to undertake the ImproveMe StrengthsPlus Assessment online.

Testing for eight key competencies (strengths), the StrengthsPlus Assessment consists of approximately 110 self-reflection questions and takes around 15 – 20 minutes to complete. At the conclusion of the assessment, each colleague receives their results by email, including a report on each of their top two strengths. The report covers what each strength is, characteristics of someone who possesses that strength and why the strength is important in the future of work. Additionally, the reports provide participants with a range of bite sized content and learning opportunities to help them develop their strengths further.

At the conclusion of the agreed timeframe, your organisation’s results will be collated and analysed. Results are presented in a comprehensive, high quality report including a summary of key observations and recommendations for the organisation. The SkillsPlus Audit report also includes a list of colleagues who possess the key skills of the future as a top strength and details of how ImproveMe can work further with your organisation, if desired, to decide on learning infrastructure and enablers.

A more limited version of the SkillsPlus Audit report can also be provided for organisations who wish to share the overall results with their employees.

Contact ImproveMe to discuss a SkillsPlus Audit for your organisation

Please reach out to Brent Lehmann via to learn more about how a SkillsPlus Audit could help your organisation to prepare for the future of work.