Analytical Skills

The making of decisions based on proven theories and data, allowing for increased confidence and certainty



Creating value by working with others to address challenges and opportunities, either in person or via technological means

Presentation skills


Creative people problem solve, imagine, invent and communicate in new ways


Entrepreneurial Thinking

A mindset that allows the individual to look beyond the current state and visualize what the future can bring

Organisational skills


Demonstrated through a balance of influence, empowerment and managing vision and purpose


Organisational Skills

Being well organised with good time management skills and the ability to prioritise to achieve specific goals

Practical Skills

The application of knowledge, theory and skills developed in education and through experience


Presentation Skills

The ability to deliver a clear message via a presentation, whether one-on-one or to a group of people

How is ImproveMe different to other career assessment tools?

Three key factors set ImproveMe apart from other profiling tools:

Competency based assessment

While designed in conjunction with sports and organisational psychologists, the ImproveMe StrengthsPlus Assessment is not a psychological test, nor is it a personality profile. Instead, it assesses your competency based skills and technical abilities you may not even be aware of.

Peer assessment

ImproveMe is the only tool we are aware of that provides the opportunity for the user to gather peer assessments from one or more trusted people. This helps to identify blindspots and understand how your strengths are perceived by others.

Where to from here?

Many career tools provide users with an assessment, but no guidance on what to do next. With ImproveMe, you will receive detailed, personalised reports explaining your key strengths and where they could take you. You can then log into the StrengthsPlus Portal to access customised tools and guidance to get your career moving in a great direction.

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ImproveMe is used by people from all walks of life

Tiana Luvale

Tiana Iuvale

National Key Account Manager

“I like the way the ImproveMe reports shift from learning about yourself to developing yourself.”

Sam Menegola

Sam Menegola

AFL Footballer

“I would have loved to have been able to use ImproveMe while I was at Fremantle, and even more so once I was delisted. As a full-time athlete, it’s hard to know what you don’t know about the business world. ImproveMe would have helped me realise my real strengths, and more importantly, what they translate to and how to get a foot in the door in those industries – not to mention the on-field performance improvements it would have made.”

Tim Cotton

Tim Cotton

Marketing Officer

“A really cool feature was the peer assessment, where it gave me the opportunity to have a colleague assess me as a worker / person. This has given me some great direction on which skills I need to improve to get to the next level of my career”

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