Employers discovering hidden talents in current workforce

As featured in Shortlist 

Skills assessments originally designed for students and athletes are now being trialled among employers, uncovering valuable insights about in-house skills and internal mobility potential.

Launched last year, ImproveMe is attracting interest from large employers seeking more visibility of their current workforce’s skillsets, says founder Brent Lehmann.

One company has used to it to segment its younger workforce by soft skills, and then match them to various roles on a rotational basis every two years; another has used the results in a similar way to address an area with high attrition.

The ImproveMe platform assesses eight core competencies that represent a mixture of traditional ways of working and skills required for the future: analytical skills, collaboration, creativity, entrepreneurial thinking, leadership, organisational skills, practical skills, and presentation skills, Lehmann says.

Some interesting patterns have emerged from the data gathered so far, he adds. (This is derived from corporate use of the platform and sports/education/individual use – the assessment is free to complete and also allows participants to invite some 360-degree feedback.)

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